fresh. from scratch. gourmet. memorable. unique.


Our pastries combine time-honored, traditional techniques
 with fresh, simple, seasonal ingredients.

Flavors listed below photos.


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Pies & Pielets

Our crusts are our specialty and are a practice in precision.  We mix and chill, and roll and chill, and fill and chill, before finally baking.  This process produces a flaky, buttery, tender perfection we pride ourselves on!

Available in nine-inch full size, and {12} minis.

*Most flavors are seasonal.


banana cream

butterscotch cream

chocolate cream

coconut cream

peanut butter cup




kentucky bourbon pecan

sour cherry

sour cream blueberry

sour cream raisin

sour cream rhubarb


fresh fruit tarts & tartlets

A summertime showstopper, these babies are the gourmet version of your grandma's fruit pizza.  Sugar cookie cups are filled with your choice of custard, topped with a variety of fresh fruit, and drizzled with a citrus glaze.

Available in nine-inch full size, and {12} minis.

Offered April through September.

berry cream

chocolate ganache

lemon curd cream

vanilla bean pastry cream