cheesecake - sizes & prices

With 37 flavors offered, cheesecakes are a Magic Morsels specialty.

They all start with a handful of whole, simple ingredients:

philadelphia cream cheese©. granulated sugar. whole eggs. sour cream. flour. vanilla bean seeds.

But the similarities end there. Each of the 37 flavors is a distinct creation, with custom crusts, well-balanced fillings, handmade curds, sauces, and ganaches.

And all using fresh, real ingredients.

Cheesecakes launched Magic Morsels, and are the definition of gourmet. Our nine-inch beauties are three inches tall and weigh in at over five pounds!


cheesecake pricing

Available in three sizes:

six-inch (serves 8): $25

nine-inch (serves 16): $48

one-inch bites (96): $72

*Ordered by the single flavor.

*Additional $2 to have pre-sliced.


cheesecake flavors


butterfinger ©

heath ©

m&m ©

reese's ©

snickers ©



chocolate truffle

german chocolate

malted milk chocolate

mocha java

rocky road



caramel brownie mosaic

creme de menthe

cookie dough

cookies & cream

peanut butter & jelly


toasted coconut & caramel cashew

vanilla bean



new york original

blueberry swirl

banana split

chocolate dipped strawberry

chocolate orange

fresh fruit

key lime curd

lemon blueberry swirl

lemon poppy seed

mixed berry

pina colada

strawberry swirl

rhubarb swirl

white chocolate raspberry



dark chocolate peppermint

white chocolate candy cane

cranberry orange pistachio

maple walnut

pumpkin spice