who we are


Magic Morsels is a custom bakery located in Minot, North Dakota. We are a family-owned small business.

Our menu features gourmet desserts created from scratch, utilizing whole, high-quality ingredients. We spent years developing our recipes, and our goal was to pair time-honored techniques with modern flavors and twists. Everything is prepared in small batches, getting the love and care we feel gourmet desserts deserve.

We strive to bring out the magic in every morsel we individually create for you!


Brekka Bloms-hancock

owner. head baker. administrator.

Brekka is a Minot native and loves living in the Magic City!

She is a graduate of Bishop Ryan High School. In 2009 she graduated magna cum laude from Minot State University, earning a Bachelor of General Studies degree with focuses in art, business, and psychology.

Although she has no formal culinary training, Brekka learned to bake at a young age. She spent countless hours in the kitchen with her mom and grandmothers, learning the art from them.  Throughout college, she challenged herself to create recipes of her own, utilizing the techniques passed down to her. 

Following college graduation, Brekka decided to pursue her passion, and took a chance turning her favorite hobby into a business. Magic Morsels was born, and she's been cookie baking and kitchen dancing ever since!

When she's not baking, you can find Brekka playing with her poodles, spending quality time with family & friends, creating an art project, gardening on the family farm, planning her next party, or snuggling with her hubby.


tyler hancock

IMG_2390 (2).JPG

assistant baker.  right hand man.

Tyler is also a Minot native. 

He is a graduate of Minot High School.  In 2008 he graduated magna cum laude from Minot State University, earning his BSE in English Education. He is currently working on his thesis, which will complete his Masters of Education degree.

Tyler is a middle school English teacher. After teaching at Memorial Middle School for six years, he transferred to Jim Hill Middle School, where he currently works. Along with teaching, Tyler is a football and track coach.

Tyler is the right hand man at Magic Morsels. He has been there since the beginning, always supporting his wife's dream. 

When he isn't teaching or baking, you can find Tyler out for a run, writing his next story, nerding out with a video game, or cheering on the Packers.


Brekka and Tyler met in 7th grade, and married in 2009. 

They are avid travelers. Throughout their travels they have taken a number of baking and cooking classes, and are always excited to bring what they've learned back to the bakery.



gwennie. gramma basol. gramma bloms.

the inspiration.

These women are the true inspiration behind Magic Morsels. They taught Brekka how to bake, and so much more. Many of their recipes have been handed down through generations, and they have become Magic Morsels customer favorites!